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Hair Color Palette


Hair colour is an amazing opportunity to increase shine, refine or enhance your natural color, lighten or darken your hair color or allow you to express your personal style.

But when you call to book your colour at the salon, what does gloss, glaze, toner or single process mean? Hair color terminology is confusing, so let's break it down.  


Single process colour


A single process is one colour applied to dry hair. This process is used for Gray coverage or to lighten / darken your natural shade 1 to 2 levels. During a single process your colourist will use permanent or semi-permanent hair colour depending desired results.



Double process colour


Double process used when lightening the hair by more than two shades. It’s called double process because it is actually a two step process. First the hair is lightened to remove your natural color, then toned to create the  desired shade.



Traditional Highlights

There are many different types of highlights to create the vision you want including, low lights, highlights, baby lights, express lights:

Highlighting is usually achieved through the use of lightener applied within foil packets. The lightener is often applied closer to the root and is used to create an all over lightening of the hair rather than the popular "ombré" effect. You can choose to have a full head or partial highlights depending on the look you want.

Partial $115+  /  Full $135+


Balayage / Foilyage

Balayage is all about how the color is applied. The word originates from the french “to sweep”, where lightener is free-hand painted on to the hair and is completely customizable to each individual client. Balayage is often chosen when the client is seeking "natural" or "sun-kissed" highlights. $135+

If you are looking for a Balayage with a lighter blonde look or have brunette hair, then you will need a Foilyage allowing the extra help of foil and heat to achieve a lighter bolder colour.



Ombre' / Sombre'

Ombre' is a technique where colors are graduated from light to dark. Ombre can be done with natural or vivid colors. Great if you have shoulder-length or longer hair and you’re looking for something outside the realm of traditional highlights. $125+

Sombre' is a softer, more natural version of Ombre coloring. It’s perfect if you’ve never colored your hair before or you’d like something natural and low-maintenance.





Color melting is a technique that bridges between Balayage and Ombre – a graduation of three or more shades that blend highlights with the base color of your hair so the color blends seamlessly.  It’s excellent if you like having brighter shades around your face but you don’t want a lot of maintenance.


*After the initial service, you'll transition into our maintenance services scheduled between 1-5 months, thus helping you maintain your look.

Connecting Look+ Career+ Life for a beautifully balanced you.

 We look forward to see you soon!



Glaze / Toner

A gloss, glaze or toner are all synonymous terms that refer to a quick application of sheer semi-permanent hair color on wet hair. This typically occurs at the shampoo bowl and is used to refine or enhance your lightened hair or your existing hair color.



Colour Correction


A “color correction” is meant to fix a color service that had undesirable results.

Most people can understand that a color correction is needed for brassy, orange highlights, or at-home color that came out differently than desired.
Something that may seem like an easy fix or regular color service, though, isn’t always so cut-and-dry. Some color corrections can be simple, like doing a toner to cut out gold, but others can be a triple-process to lift dark color. 

$150 1st HOUR then $100 PER HOUR 

Shelley Only

Connecting Look+ Career+ Life for a beautifully balanced you.

 We look forward to see you soon!

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